2013 Missile Crisis

After a slow winter, it was a good time to get drifting, with any means possible. A lot of the team drivers are still working on the car they call home, so this meant to drift, you had to bring out your missles. Trent was the only one driving his track beast, while Ian, Pete, Pat and Shelby were rocking the cars they bought to beat on without any worries.

Trent was loving the new VVTI 1uzfe that Bill at The Independent Speed Shop just tuned. The car looked as well as sounded great.

Shelby was looking good in his black beater, which now after the event is getting the KA-T upgade. :) 

Ian and his Father in Law were having fun in his beater 240sx, which after a wall tap, is now officially a missile car. Tim, Ian's Father in Law had never drifted before, and by the end of the day was getting the hang of it. Awesome.

Pat was liking the E30 beast he and Reagan had built, until his radiator broke...

That ended his fun for a few hours while trying to find a fix. Pete busted out his new S14 slut, and was driving top dollar, even on a KA. 

It's alive, Pat was back on the track, with a GM rad, all ziptied in place. lol

Pete looking style in the face with his amber glasses and Neptune D hat. Look, I see gray hair...

All photos are owned by their respective photographers. Thanks for the pics guys.