Ian getting ready for 2013

Ian has been getting his Skyline ready to drift the ProAm series this year, while trying to keep it FD ready as well. With the help of The Independent Speed Shop, the mad masters of car construction Bill and Tommy have helped build his car stronger and overall better. We have read that Bill keeps Ian's car running well, tuning his Haltech ecu like a master, but that is just one aspect of the help that Indy Speed does for Ian, as well as some of the other team members. Tommy Franke is the fabricator behind the Indy Speed name, and he is awesome at what he does. Here are a few of the items Tommy has touched on Ian's car.

Ian is now running a Griffin radiator, and this needed to be mounted and plumbed so that it did not interfere with the supercharger, or fixing the car while it is at the track. To keep the hoses tidy and where they are wanting to be, Ian and Tommy made this custom lower rad hose connector.

They also mounted the radiator, which does not seem like much, but with the way it is mounted, it is very solid and easy to remove.

While at Indy Speed, Ramsey a friend and Porsche tech helped ensure the car was setup straight and also balanced.

Ian was able to test out the new setup at an Open Drift at Evergreen Speedway, this video has a few shots of him at the track.